"Rebuilding our community one day at a time, with low-income
affordable housing"
Partners, Sponsors and Supporters
Home buyer Education

When preparing to buy your first home, it’s important to plan ahead so you can manage your finances
and be a successful homeowner.  For a list of HUD Approved Agencies in Texas or Louisiana.

Our Home buyer Education course will help you make good decisions when buying a home. It’s
approved by HUD, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and USDA and can qualify you for savings on the cost of
FHA mortgage insurance as well as other first time home buyer assistance programs.

Our in person Home buyer Education workshop is available only in Texas and Louisiana. To find out
when our next Home buyer Education workshop is being offered, check out our events page.
Foreclosure Prevention

If you are behind on your mortgage or rent payments or you anticipate not being able to make consistent
payments, let us help. A housing counselor will address your present financial situation and provide you
with expert suggestions and options, such as:

• Education on the possible consequences of foreclosure • Achievable and affordable repayment plans •
Forbearance Agreement • Modifications/Extension • Refinance/Rewrite Option
Possible sale of the
home • Per-foreclosure Sale • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure prevention counseling is available in person
or by telephone.
Rental Program

In a rent-to-own agreement, potential buyers gets to move into a house right away, with up to 2 years to
work on improving their credit score and/or saving for a down payment.
Our Rental Program allows you to rent one of our homes and then purchase that home.  We do require a
$3500 deposit that is credit back when you purchase our home.  You will be required to attend special
workshops.  You are also required to purchase Rental Insurance, Pay your own Utilities.
Economic Development Projects:

We are currently building working on the Angelton Development Project.  Phase 1 Outlet Mall.  To learn
more information about this project please email us or call our office at 713-492-2137. To donate to this
project please click here.  

                     To be apart of any of these projects please attend one of our meetings.  
Small Business Workshop & Network Meetings

This Program allows
Demetria Reed-McNeal assist small business and other non-profits
rebuild or build a foundation for their company/organization.  Networking and
Collaboration is one of the keys to this Program. For a schedule of events click here.
USDA Programs:

This program allow individuals and families that live in rural Texas or Louisiana to purchase
a home using 502, 504, 508 loans.  We are assisting with applying for loans in rural areas.  If
you are needing a loan and you live in a rural area please call, email or visit our office.  You
may also go to the USDA  Rural Development website.  
Texas  or Louisiana
Back to School Events: 2005 to present

We have been giving backpacks, clothing, scholarship, food voucher to the Houston-Harris County Area
low to moderate income youths.  This program is in collaboration with the Office Depot Snack Pack
Program.  Each year we given over 1000 Backpacks, Snackpacks and some School Supplies to the
youths in our communities that we serve.  We also collaborate with Comerica, Wells Fargo, Chase, and
Greater Houston Storm Recovery,  Jones Memorial United Methodist Church, Pat's Barbershop, HISD
Schools that are located in the Areas we serve.   Port Arthur Texas area Schools and Churches.  
Golf Tournaments:

Our organization has two Golf Tournaments a year.  
Our Macboyz Youth Charity Golf Tournament allows us to assist Youth with Scholarship to attend a College or
University.  These students must volunteer at a local nonprofit agency in the Houston  & Surrounding Areas.  
Must must write a 500 word essay saying what they did and learn about Volunteering with that organization.  Last
year we gave 4 scholarships totaling $3000 this year our goal is to give out 15 Scholarships.  Mail your essay to:
Home Sweet Home CRC attend: Macboyz Scholarship Program 9001 Airport Blvd Suite 703 Houston Texas 77061
Deadline is May 31 of each year.  Scholarships are mail to your University or College after paperwork is
Entering into a College
or University
Sp, Jr. Sr. Currently in
College or University